Friday, August 13, 2010

The book of Daniel Chapter 6- In the den of lions

This is the chapter that we most associate Daniel with. Daniel thrown into the den of lions. In this chapter Daniel was now over 80years old and was one of Darius's top 3 administrators. Daniel was working with people who did not believe in God and he worked more diligently and efficiently than them. One of the best ways to influence non-believers in the work place is to work diligently and responsibly.Represent your God well in the workplace.

However Daniel made enemies at work through his hard work. When you start to excel at work you may find co workers who get jealous and attempt to hold you back and bring you down. Daniel provides a god example of how to deal with such people. Be above reproach. Don't let them find fault with you. Show them that you have nothing to hide so that they don't have anything to use against you.

The jealous officials couldn't find anything wrong with Daniel so they attacked his religion as a last resort. In Babylon the Kings word was Law and with the Medo Persians even the King could not change it. Daniel stood alone. Daniel continued to pray 3 times to is God despite the Law. He was disciplined about this. How about us. Are we as disciplined. The biggest threat to our prayer lives is our busy schedules. We must pray regularly. We must not let the pressures of life cut into our prayer lives. Daniel also did not hide his prayer life. He continued to show his devotion to God. Daniel looked to God because he knew his help would not come from anywhere else.

When we trust God with our problems we get peace. How do you normally react when faced with trouble or problems. Most of us usually panic or become paralysed or we can pray about it. The God who delivered Daniel will deliver us too.

Because Daniel was faithful to God, God rescued him from the lions and Darius became convinced that Daniels God was the one and only true Living God. Be faithful to God so that he can use you to impact other peoples lives.

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