Thursday, August 12, 2010

The book of Daniel chapter 2 - Nebuchadnezzars dream

The chapter involves Nebuchadnezzar's disturbing dream. The dream disturbed him because God probably wanted to grab his attention and let him know that it was not just an ordinary dream. In those days dreams were considered to be messages from the Gods and wise men were expected to interpret them. In this case Neb however demanded that he be told the dream first. Probably to test the authenticity of the wise men or maybe because he had forgotten parts of the dream which often happens to all of us when we wake up and cant exactly remember what we dreamt.

Neb was angry with the wise men when they told him the Gods do not live among men. Of coz their Gods didn't, coz they didn't exist. Which exposed the wise men. They could invent interpretations but could not tell Neb what his dream was about. By answering the Gods do not live among men they betrayed the concept of the gods. They believed in gods but their belief made no difference to their conduct. Our God lives amongst us and wants to make a difference in our lives and to change our lives.

2. Note that Daniel spoke to Arioch with wisdom and tact. Daniels tact kept him from "tasting bad on the tongue of the executioner". Else they would have thought he was challenging the King. It is important to always be tactful in our dealings with people. Tact is wisdom, not flattery. look at colossians 4:6." Let your conversation be always full of grace seasoned with salt so that you may know how to answer everyone". Daniels tact kept his head on his shoulders.

3. Note also that when Daniel was at a crisis point he found his 3 friends and they prayed. When you find yourself in a tight spot share your needs with trusted friends who also believe in Gods power. Find a prayer partner you can share with and if you struggle to find one ask God to do the pairing. You could be the answer to someone else's prayer. Prayer is more effective than panic. Panic confirms your hopelessness whereas prayer confirms your hope in God. Daniels trust in god saved him.

4. If you ever think you have much to learn in life and if you want to know how to better handle people, life's curve balls, crisis, then look to God for wisdom. God gives wisdom freely to those who ask.

5. After Daniels prayer was answered, he took time to give God the credit. Always remember to give God the credit and thank him for answered prayer before dashing off in excitement.

6.God sets up kings and deposes them. He controls everything that happens. He governs the world according to his purposes. We get dismayed when we see evil rulers thriving, but God is in control and that should give us peace.

7. The head of Gold on the statue represented Neb, ruler of the Babylonian empire.

The silver chest and 2 arms represented the Medo-persian empire which conquered Babylon in 539BC.

The belly and thighs of bronze were Greece and Macedonia in 334 -330 BC.

The legs of iron represented Rome which conquered Greece in 63BC.

The feet of clay and iron represented the breakup of the Roman empire when the territory of Rome was divided into a mixture of strong and weak nations.

The type of metal represents the strength of the political power represented.

The rock cut out of the mountain represented Gods kingdom, which would be ruled eternally by the Messiah the king of kings.

The dream revealed Daniels God as the power behind all earthly kingdoms.

Gods kingdom will never be destroyed.

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