Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to recognise when God speaks - 6

The Miracle of the Holy Spirit

Old and New testament Scriptures provide an account of the miraculous ways God spoke to his children, e.g the cloud that led the children of Israel by day or the pillar of fire that led them by night. Don't you ever wish God would supernaturally appear in your life when you need to make a decision, - there in all his Glory to give a clear answer and action plan.

When God chose to speak in the Bible, those who heard didn't doubt whether God had spoken. He made his word clear. The primary method God uses to speak has changed, but his goal has not. He still wants us to hear, recognise and obey his voice.

When God does choose to speak in miraculous ways today, they will serve not as the foundation for us to hear from God but as confirmation of the Holy Spirits leading and the message of scripture.

God has primarily chosen to speak through his Word and His Spirit today. Any sensational means the Lord uses to speak will confirm what he is already saying.

The conscience and the Holy Spirit

Our Spirits are the core and essence of who we are. Likewise every human has a deep inner voice called a conscience. This voice guides and directs our choices. Its that deep inner sense that you should or shouldn't do or say something. Even non Christians can be moral people. Their conscience helps direct their choices.

The problem with following your conscience is that every persons conscience is formed and developed based on their personal environment and specific life circumstances. Each persons conscience has been shaped by the tradition and truth or lies to which it has been exposed.

Our conscience can be shaped in a way that is not pleasing to the Lord and this can hinder what the Holy spirit is saying to us. e.g Bella was reared in a home where all the women were divorced. In her family divorcing for trivial reasons and remarrying was the norm. As a result she learnt to think that this was normal and acceptable and struggled with thoughts of divorce in her marriage because of the tradition of her family.

The awakening of the conscience

When you become a Christian, your spirit becomes new. You don't become changed, you become exchanged. The spirit of the Living God indwells your human spirit. He gives you new life. (see Cor 5:17; Titus 3:5)

Now that you have been exchanged as a believer, your spirit in under the control of the Holy Spirit. God begins to change your mind, will and emotions to reflect his thoughts and feelings. As you surrender your life and obey his written word, he begins to reprogram your conscience. Your spirit led conscience starts to discern between sin and righteousness and instructs you accordingly. (see John 16:8)

Think about how you have changed since the Holy Spirit took over control of your life.

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