Monday, August 16, 2010

The Book of Daniel Chapter 7 - The Ancient of Days

Daniel 7 is the summation pf prophecy. It lays out the flow of history from the time of Daniel himself to our future.

In Daniel 7 God is revealed as the Ancient of Days. In the midst of all the turmoil and trouble comes the Ancient of Days. He enters the scene as the Chief Justice of the Universe and he sits on a throne of fire and the book of deeds is opened before him.

Our God, the Ancient of days is the unchanging eternal God. He sits on his throne and rules over all history. Thousands upon thousands, ten thousand upon ten thousands of his angels wait on him and carry out his rule over all history.

Empires come and empires go, governments come and governments go, the wealthy and powerful make their plans and push their agendas, they come and they go. No matter the state of the worlds economy, no matter the state of world affairs, our God, the awesome Ancient of days rules.

When you face bad news, when you face uncertainty and fears, when you worry about your kids or your grandchildren, when there is chaos all around you, remember our God the awesome Ancient of days rules and he judges justly for all is written in the book of deeds. He is holy, pure, upright and honest and there is no sin or error in him.

His thrown is flaming, the wheels of his chariot are ablaze and infact a river of fire flows out before him consuming, burning away all that is unrighteous, all that is lacking all that is wrong and all that is impure. He judges justly according to his books.

How can we even stand in his presence. God knows the secrets sins of our hearts. Our crimes are before him in the book of deeds. He knows our doubts, our worries, anger, jealousy, lusts,greed. he knows the coldness of our hearts towards those he has commanded us to love, he knows it all. When those books are opened, NO AMOUNT OF GOOD YOU TRY TO DO can erase one entry against you and as the word, true and everlasting says " the wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23).

Ah but wait a minute. We have the son. We can plead Jesus life and his righteousness as our own and he has paid the price for our sin on the cross. Justice has been satisfied and our names entered into the book of life. How awesome is that!!!!!

Our God, the Ancient of days judges justly according to the books and according to the record of what Christ did on the cross which we claim by faith alone. Therein lies the comfort for all believers that as we stand before the judgement throne and that by faith, the death of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross has satisfied justices requirements in our place.

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