Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to recognise when God speaks - 3

Anticipating the voice of God


" His leading is only for those who are already committed to do as He may choose. To such it may be said: " God is able to speak loud enough to make a willing soul hear" - Lewis Sperry Chaffer".

How often do we ask God for his opinion while knowing full well we plan to stick with our own plan. Yes we will follow him, but only when and if his prescription will be comfortable to follow and will closely match our own desires. If we want to keep the lines of communication open and flourishing, we must prepare to abandon our plans when they don't coincide with his. Obedience is the key to hearing his still, small voice.

Habakkuk wasn't just passionate about hearing God's direction. He also was serious about fully accepting God's commands no matter what they were. He thought ahead and planned to respond in obedience.

"I will stand on my guard post and station myself on the rampart; and I will keep watch to see what he will speak to me, and how I will reply when I am reproved." (Habakkuk 2:1)
Reprove means to rebuke, correct
Habakkuk seemed to think that whatever God said, at least part of it would be a rebuke to him; but he was willing to accept even Gods harsh words.

How do you normally respond to God when it may be something you do not want to hear?
Do you ignore, consider, obey or keep praying hoping God will change his response.

Read the following to see how God responds to people who do not obey him.

Jeremiah 6:16-19
Amos 8: 9-11
Zechariah 7: 12-13

To know Gods word and not obey it is sin against him. Sin reaps consequences. One consequence is that will her his voice far less frequently. As we blatantly ignore and disobey God, we build a callus around our spiritual ears so that we don't hear the voice of God. He knows if we are pure in our desire to do what he says. Matthew 5:8 extends a promise to the pure in heart: " They shall see God".

True blessing isn't just found in hearing God's voice, but in heading it. When we obey, no matter how unusual his instructions may be, we create a solid foundation on which God can display his supernatural activity in our lives.

Read the following and memorize

Isaiah 48:18
Psalm 19:11
Deuteronomy 5:29-31
Luke 8:18
Matthew 7:24

"If we settle ahead of time that we will obey whatever God tells us, we will go into our time with him ready to hear his voice"- Henry and Richard Blackaby.

I wonder what supernatural rewards and divine interventions are awaiting us if we plan beforehand to fully obey when God speaks.

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