Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to recognise when god speaks - 2

Anticipating the Voice of God - Wait patiently for it

"If you want to hear Gods voice clearly and you are uncertain, then remain in His presence until he changes this uncertainty. Often much can happen during this waiting for the Lord. Sometimes he changes pride into humility; doubt into faith and peace; sometimes lust into purity. The Lord can and will do it" Corine Ten Boom.

The process of waiting for a message from God can be just as important as the message itself. In waiting, faith and intimacy with God grow.

If we approach our relationship to God and his word expecting Him to speak, we will be more patient because we know he will come through in his time. Just like the rest of us, Habakkuk had to wait for Gods word and its fulfillment.

The value we place on an object or person dictates the amount of time we are willing to wait on them. The importance of hearing God's voice was paramount to Habakkuk.

Read Habakkuk 2:1.

In Habakkkuks day a watchman would minimize all distractions to concentrate fully on the task of protecting the city from approaching enemies. The guard would not allow anyone to coerce him from his post. Likewise, the prophet wasn't going to make a move until he received divine direction. If we value Gods word as Habakkuk did, we should be willing to wait patiently and not move until we have received it.

Habakkuk described where he would wait: "on the watchtower", which was positioned well above the ground to provide a broad view for miles around. It gave the guard in the tower a different view of his circumstances by placing him above ground lvel. Habakkuk purposed to remove himself from the depression and anxiety of his ground level circumstances and get above them. He took his eyes off his circumstances and watched only for God.

We often want to immediately run ahead, the moment we hear Gods leading and direction. instead of walking in daily obedience, we desire to see the end result of Gods plan instantly. In Habakkuk 2:3 God reminded Habakkuk not to carry out Gods plan before its due season. God encouraged Habakkuk to be patient by assuring him of 4 specific promises regarding the vision he was about to reveal.

Don't flounder when time passes as you wait to see Gods promises fulfilled. Stand firm and walk in daily obedience to God.

Great relief awaits those asking god to provide a mate, financial assistance, a ministry opportunity, career advancement or simply his direction. We can be free of the burden of trying to make things happen when we know He promises to fulfill his own word. God told Habakkuk that he would need to walk in patience before the Lord.

While the righteous man trusts God to fulfill his word, the proud man (self-reliant) depends on himself to bring things to pass. When we seek God in faith, he promises us great reward (Hebrews 11:6)

Read and memorize verses

2 Peter 3:9
Psalm 27:14

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